This cozy studio is a wonderful place to practice yoga for myself and with others in a place that feels like home. Laura teaches more than yoga - she teaches a way of being in this world that is as much about being "off" the mat as it is about being "on" the mat. ~ MA

I love Summit Yoga because it’s like living in a world of seeing beauty in yourself and others.  Yogini Laura makes yoga fun, relaxing and so much more.  
~ Siena age 10


In the last few years, I have made it a priority to
be more mindful and to cultivate my well-being. Practicing yoga at Summit Yoga Studio has been
an integral part of my ability to stay calm and
mindful through all of life's ups and downs. Laura
has an intuitive understanding of how to nurture others. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, compassionate and fun. Practicing yoga regularly with her has helped me build my confidence and
my strength, to learn to breath and to remember
the importance of inner peace. ~ Liz

Four years ago I injured my back lifting something improperly and it profoundly altered my life.  No matter what I did (medicine, physical therapy, chiro, massage therapy,) I could not make the pain go away and I could not regain any measure of my previously active lifestyle; Even sleeping was uncomfortable.  After X-Rays and MRIs no-one could find anything wrong with me or offer anything that could resolve this chronic muscular issue that I had developed and it was beginning to affect my state of mind.  At the insistence of a relative I began to look into restorative yoga and search for the right teacher.  I was very careful frankly, I knew I could hurt myself if I went to the wrong place.  I asked everyone I knew that ever practiced yoga locally and Laura’s name kept popping up.  I finally contacted her and agreed to a series of private yoga instruction classes.  I was impressed with her from the very first phone call.  She ensured that I had seen a physician and had properly investigated whether my injury was more serious than I realized.  From our very first meeting she confidently and expertly sized up my situation.  She made me feel positive and very comfortable that together we could resolve this issue as we moved through the fundamentals of yoga with a concentration on my particular problem areas.  I can honestly say that my improvement began after the very first week.  I began to experience more mobility. I began to have whole days where I was pain free.  My mind became clearer.  I was sleeping through the night.  This began to stretch into multiple days, and week by week I have improved until I am now completely pain free for the first time in four years.  Needless to say, Laura and Summit Yoga get my highest recommendation.   
Chris PestanaBrookline, NH
When it was suggested that I try a yoga class, I was hesitant. But my friends and co-workers spoke so highly of Laura and Summit Yoga, that
I decided to give it a shot. The moment I walked down the beautiful walkway and through the door, I knew I had made the right choice. Laura’s knowledge of yoga, her patience, positive energy, and understanding have taught me lessons that will last a lifetime.
Practicing yoga at Summit has helped me deal with several tragedies
in my life, physically and emotionally.  Every session is like pushing a
re-set button, physically and spiritually, allowing me to deal with anything that life throws my way, both positive and negative. Choosing Summit Yoga and Laura Hughes was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life. ~ Deb
 I love Summit Yoga because  it is fun and calming. I like  Miss Laura because she  always has lots of fun things    for us to do. My first class  was when I was 2 1/2 years  old. I recommend yoga to kids  who love having fun and  relaxing. I think Miss Laura's  yoga is fun, relaxing and  calming. I hope other kids  consider yoga.  ~ M.S. age 8

I am your classic 47 year old, stressed-out, beaten up high school athlete that really never bothered to stretch properly at any point previously in my life. After a couple decades of sitting behind a desk all day, getting a little thick in the middle and overdoing it with my lower back....; I have been "feeling it" to say the least. To be honest, gravity was never so obvious to me as it was the day I walked through the door at Summit Yoga. What finally brought me there was a persistent lower back injury which has been helped tremendously through yoga practice. One of the first things I learned through general yoga practice was how chronically tight many of the major muscle groups have become that affect my lower back. Recently we have been exploring Yin Yoga poses which hold some essential yoga positions for extended periods (anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes). I have found this to be an extremely effective addition to my routine for a number of reasons:  1) It allows me the time to settle in to the poses completely and relax all the adjacent muscle groups so I can achieve a complete stretch. 2)It enables me to sink far deeper into a stretch than is possible in shorter durations.  3) It feels like the longer stretch is also affecting even the more sinuous connective tissues, tendons, and fascia. It is noticeably different when you complete a Yin class. My body feels very loose; much more so than a typical class. Also, I believe that my body is staying stretched out for longer periods of time the more I practice. I would highly recommend Yin yoga to anyone that wants to "go a little deeper" with their stretching. For me, the benefits have been substantial.  ~ Chris Pestana