Class Schedule 

Summit Yoga Studio offers radiant heat in the floors for a healthy and comfortable yoga practice during our cooler seasons.

Summit Yoga's schedule follows the local public schools' calendar for all services. The studio offers a special schedule each summer for adults and yoga camps for children. Email us for the current schedule.

Studio Classes September 11, 2018 through June 13th, 2019

Studio opens 30 minutes prior to all classes.

Come early to prepare, relax and take time to stretch, breathe, and meditate before your yoga practice.

 Tuesday                              Thursday
                                       10:00 Gentle Chair            10:15 Gentle Chair Hollis, Lawrence Barn 
11:30 Private                         11:30 Private
1:30 Private                           1:30 Private
                                  4:15 All Levels                         4:15 Mindfulness for Kids (soon)

Come join us to stretch, flow, strengthen and relax! 
High School Students and Beginners are welcome in the  "All Levels" Class.

Mindfulness for Children Grades 2-6  (TO START IN 2019)

Fourth grade students of a local school were offered a 6 week program full of "mindfulness" activities during the first trimester.  This was funded by PTO.  It was incredibly successful and rewarding for all!!  These students are already practicing Mindfulness at home and teaching their parents!!  They are amazing children!

At the request of the 4th grade TEAM, Laura Hughes presented a one hour workshop to this school district and now other elementary teachers are booking sessions for their students.

Laura recently presented to local elementary teachers during their monthly staff meeting and on January 8, 2019 will offer a free workshop to the Brookline PTO.

Summit Yoga will soon offer "Mindfulness" sessions for children at our studio to teach a variety of "mindful" strategies to calm, self-regulate, re-focus, and reduce stress and anxiety.  Email us to get on our distribution list.

All Levels:

The "all levels" classes are 75-85 minutes. Beginners and high school students are welcome. With soft soothing instrumental music, these well rounded classes include pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures), yin (for deep stretching), and final relaxation which can include a self-selected supported restorative posture or meditation. The asanas focus on joint health, strength building standing postures, balance, coordination and core work. These classes are gentle on the body, calming and centering for the mind and joyful for our spirit. 

Yin Yoga:

Each of the "All Levels" may include one to two yin postures.  After stretching the musculature of the body, Yin Yoga poses targets the connective tissue, such as ligaments, and fascia, that are not addressed as much in an active yang asana practice.  Yin poses address hips, pelvis and lower spine. Your body will feel the difference when you let go in the practice of yin.

Gentle Chair Yoga:  

This class is not about your age. It’s all about increasing and improving your daily functional movement through a gentle yoga class.  This is achieved through safe customized poses that are adapted to your individual needs. Select poses enhance flexibility,  maintain/increase physical strength, reduce joint pain, and improve balance, coordination and posture. Props, such as chairs, blocks, straps and pillows are used to achieve healthy alignment and ensure safety. You will feel the difference and be able to move more joyfully. 

Children: Grades 1-6 (private and semi private sessions)

Private sessions are tailored to the needs of each child. Each child will be given the opportunity to learn the basic traditional poses in a playful format, in a safe environment without judgment or competition.  Each session will promote and build self-esteem and self-confidence while giving them the support to be creative and to be themselves.  Each session will promote refocusing visual attention and learning to recognize and calm physical energy through breathing exercises and centering activities. See our "Young Yogis" page for past activities that can be incorporated in private sessions for children.


Restorative yoga is offered as a private and semi-private class by appointment.  Occasionally, a Restorative class is added to our weekly class schedule, often before or after holidays. At times, Summit Yoga offers a 2 hour Restorative Yoga class as an "event." (See our Event's page for upcoming Restorative classes.) Props, such as neck pillows, bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets and eye pillows, are used to help the body to gently release physical tension and chronic pain while cultivating a deep restful state. The end result is total relaxation. Select restorative yoga poses are taught in our "all levels" classes and offer a deeper level of relaxation at the end of each class. A gift certificate for a Restorative Yoga session makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. 


Summit Yoga offers adults a complimentary first class. Class cards are available for 6 yoga classes with a 7 week expiry and are nonrefundable. Class cards can be transferred to new members only.
  • Adults: 6 classes for $72.00.  Drop-in $14.
  • Tuesday Chair Yoga: 5 classes for $50 with no expiration.
  • Thursday Chair Yoga: $5 drop-in (Hollis Lawrence Barn)
  • High School Students: 6 classes for $60. Drop-in $12.  
  • Private Studio Session: Individual $60/hr., Semi-private $75/hr. 
  • Check with your health insurance policy for "reimbursement."

Payment methods are cash or check made payable to "Summit Yoga."

Gift certificates are available for the following group and private classes. Yoga classes can be scheduled at your home or business location.

  • Studio Class Cards 
  • Individual Private Yoga Session
  • Small Group Private Class
  • Restorative or Yin Yoga Session
  • Pranayama: breathing exercises for relaxation and stress reduction