About Us

Laura Hughes is the founder, manager and instructor of Summit Yoga, LLC and she welcomes you to this website.

Summit Yoga's mission is to offer yoga classes for every “body” and since no two bodies are alike, no two practices are alike.  Each yoga class encourages students to mindfully practice at their level, teaches modifications for a gentle practice, and uses a variety of props for healthy alignment and safety in practicing poses.  Each day is a new day, which brings with it new and old concerns within the body.
In our practice, we observe how these concerns affect our bodies, physically, mentally and emotionally. This awareness and insight is used in a mindful practice to let go of our self-imposed judgments and expectations.  When we turn inward to listen to our physical bodies and remain centered and connected to our breath, we cultivate a mind-body connection.  With this mind-body connection, our minds become clearer, our hearts become more open and we feel lighter in our bodies.  We become more receptive and open to receive the many benefits of yoga; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yoga Teacher

Laura has over 300 hours of yoga training.  She has trained with Judith Hanson Lasater (Restorative Yoga), Peggy Cappy (Yoga for the Rest of Us), and Matthew Sanford, the founder of the non-profit organization, Mind Body Solutions.  Laura has completed workshops with other nationally and internationally recognized teachers: Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, Gary Kraftsow, Natasha Rizopoulos, Desiree Rumbaugh and Rolf Gates.

Laura completed training in Usui Reiki  with Libby Barnett www.reikienergy.com.  She offers this to her cancer clients and in her Hospice volunteer work.  Reiki means "Universal Life Force" and can be used for deep relaxation, for the relief of pain and to promote healing.

With a Masters Degree in Education, 21 years as a Special Education Teacher/Coordinator and several years as a private tutor, Laura draws on her professional teaching experiences and her natural abilities to connect and guide her yoga students of all ages and abilities gently toward their personal "summit", their intentions.  She guides her students in a gentle mindful practice that cultivates self-awareness and a calmer self in a non-competitive and non-judgmental compassionate environment. 

 For several years, Laura's personal fitness routine included jogging, health clubs, and high impact aerobics.  In the '90s, she began to search for a more gentle, holistic and therapeutic option.  That option was yoga. Practicing yoga became a vital part of Laura's holistic fitness and wellness routine.  Her love for yoga and its benefits blossomed into a passion to guide others in the gentle, mindful practice of yoga as a yoga teacher.  Further cultivating this passion led to the establishment of Summit Yoga in 2002.